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The latest in my professional ventures:


Doing my best to save older cellos that needed help but have music left to share. 

Please see my cello page for more information.

Celli, Cello, F Hole, Strings, Brige, Finger Board,

Pay it forward seems like

as good a reason as any… 

if the world worked as such, it would be a healthier, happier place. 

So I picked up a quill, so to speak.

In a semi-recent movie about William Shakespeare, the fan stumbled over his thoughts and Will said, "If you want to be a writer, write". So simple, yet so complex… and as such I am trying both swords… paying it forward in a literary form. May it give you as much as it is giving me.

Helping hand, Woman, Girl , Climbing, assistyance, help, service

The Community

I hope this will be a safe place of interaction, as any creative really creates for those that may take in the creation. As a musician and actor I can tell you, audience response is as much of the performance as the performance itself… creatives thrive on the feedback. 

Be safe, be happy... life is short, experience what you can... when you can.

Community helping each other, leaning on each other, Supporting each other.

Please, if you feel it warranted, share with your friends and families, like us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. thumbs up in any way you can, and of course, please buy the book /books, as this will allow for more to come.

Join my story, creative journey, self-help, holistic care, pain, suffering. It's all part of the path.

Road not taken, journey traveled, taking a trip.

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