"Back Pain, DIY Pain Relief"

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Lessons from a patient's perspective on applied and tested techniques that have helped me down the path of back pain reduction.

We will travel along with shared observations and lessons from professionals. Who helped and instructed me down the path of pain reduction. Then how to take back (no pun intended) my life from pains grip.

A little humor, a lot of brutal honesty and insights gained the hard way.

"Back Pain DIY Pain Relief," Is a book conceived during my journey with pain. What lies within are anecdotes, observations, and instructions on how to reduce back pain. These lessons were hard-won but won indeed.

You follow me on my journey from youthful mistakes to adult aftermath.

I have always been of the mindset that one should pay it forward so that others may learn and share, keeping the cycle moving ahead.

Please join me on the path to pain reduction.

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