Book Cover Art  by Jay Farber

So many of us either have experienced, or family, friends, or coworkers we know, have suffered back pain.

Over many years of my own suffering, I have found ways to significantly reduce my back pain. If you have suffered, as I have, take a look at the book, reduce your pain. 

Please refer to your associates who may need the help; they will thank you for it. 

HR departments should pass it on to their staff to cut the overhead of lost productivity due to back pain. Pain costs companies millions of dollars in lost hours. 

I wrote this book as a means of paying it forward. I wish I had received the information years ago. 

Additional information about the Author

Jay Farber has a diverse background ranging from White Water Rafting Guide/Instructor, Hang Glider Pilot, SCUBA Diver,  Master Auto Restoration Specialist, Carpenter, Home Restorer, Actor, Director, Producer, Voice Over Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Editor, Serial Entrepreneur,  Designer, Computer Consultant, it goes on.

Now, Writer… delving into self-help for a starting point.

His personal experiences with health issues creating a knowledge base from which to reference and leading to a desire to help others with his insights, hoping they may actually help someone along the way. 

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